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Air Conditioning Installation Jacksonville FL

If you have reached this page of our website you have either been told, or believe you need a new air conditioning unit or system. Here at TemperaturePro of NE Florida our main concern is to save our customers time and expense, so we do everything to identify what’s causing your current air conditioning system to not work properly. The last thing we want our customers to do is replace a system that can be fixed. If we determine that it is more cost effective to purchase a new ac system than to spend money on air conditioning repair, especially on an old system, we will provide you with our honest assessment. For every new Jacksonville air conditioning installation we provide free estimates and develop options for you to choose from.

Our service technicians are the best in the business and can recommend a new system that is both affordable and designed to give your home or business, optimum performance. Not all systems fit every application, every home or office structure. The one-size-fits-all strategy will not provide the performance, efficiency and value you deserve for your investment. So, whether you need a second opinion, considering central heating and air conditioning on a new construction project or need affordable, quality replacement on an old system gone bad, TemperaturePro of NE Florida is your full service provider for installation, service and repair.

Common AC Problems We Encounter

  • Units not running at Optimal Capacity
  • Systems needing constant repairs
  • A/C system turning off and on, or running for long periods of time to heat and cool
  • Cost of Utility Bills when compared to similar size dwellings
  • Inconsistent and varying temperatures throughout the home
  • Duct Work improperly sized, installed or in need of repair or replacement
  • Thermostat controls needing repair
  • Air Handler Freeze-ups
  • Blowing warm air or no air at all
  • System is on but not working

Choosing The Right Air Conditioner

It’s unfortunate that thousands of homes and even some businesses have improperly sized air conditioners installed, leading to inefficient cooling and increased wear and tear on the system. We see it all the time, systems too large or too small that were improperly sized and installed. At TemperaturePro of NE Florida, we avoid that fate. Our highly trained and certified technicians will account for your home or businesses square footage, current insulation, layout, load-generating appliances in-use and duct work efficiency, to determine exactly how much cooling power you need; then, we’ll work with you to choose the right air conditioner that’s sized to meet those specific needs with no wasted power or expense.

Once we’ve helped you select a properly sized air conditioning system, from our suggested manufacturers like Carrier, Lennox, Goodman, Bryant or Trane, just to name a few, our HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) technicians will get to work immediately installing the proper system in your home or office. Thanks to our extensive experience, we know the manufacturer’s specifications and are familiar with all state and local building codes. Our goal is to make sure every system we install meets or exceeds those standards. You’ll be all set for highly efficient cooling for years to come.

Whether you need an entire system for a newly constructed home or an energy-efficient upgrade for an aging air conditioner, our AC installation team can help. Call Us today for a free in-home inspection and estimate on cooling and heating products from the industries best manufactures.

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