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When cooling problems arise during the long hot summer months, the most important decision any homeowner can make, is which air conditioning and heating company can be trusted to give an honest and accurate answer about their cooling problems, that won’t cost a fortune and can be relied on for prompt, professional service. With 100’s of air conditioning repair and heating companies to choose from, why should TemperaturePro of NE Florida be your first choice. First things First. There are many different things can go wrong with an air conditioning system, so your first thought shouldn’t be that you need to replace the old system.

TemperaturePro of NE Florida understands that the cooling and heating of homes and businesses throughout NE Florida is a number one concern. Our technicians are fully licensed and trained to work on any air conditioning system regardless of manufacturer. Analyzing your complete system is the first place we start, troubleshooting what has gone wrong and why. There are a lot of moving parts to a cooling and heating system, many different components that can malfunction. A close inspection of all aspects of your heating and cooling system including, but not limited to, the air handler, evaporator coil, thermostat control, outside compressor and condenser in most cases reveals the system failure. We are licensed to service and sell many major name brand manufacturers including Carrier, Trane, Lennox, Bryant, Goodman as well as others. We can also service any brand, but believe our premier brands represented above are the most cost effective and reliable units on the market today. Finally, we give our customers a no-obligation proposal of the work that needs to be completed to get the system back up and running correctly. We provide an honest assessment of the issues, at a fair price. Our offices are conveniently located close to I-95 and I-295 exchange for easy access to Orange Park, Argyle Forrest, Fleming Island communities and Green Cove Springs.

Air Conditioning Service Agreements & Maintenance Programs

TemperaturePro of NE Florida provides an annual Maintenance Program that is a consumers best bet for avoiding breakdowns, which can lead to expensive air conditioning system repairs and change-outs. Having a regularly scheduled service check-up can avoid costly problems caused by excessive temperatures, high humidity and in some cases, salt water deterioration. Any device that experiences a constant usage for months on end needs to be professionally evaluated on a regular basis. Preventative maintenance plans are the best, most cost-effective ways to accomplish that, especially prior to the summer season beginning.

Typical Maintenance Visit

Our Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan starts with a complete inspection of the following components:

Internal Air Handler Inspection
Air Filter Replacement (filter provided by customer)
Basic Evaporator Coil Cleaning
Condensate Drain Cleaning
Lubrication of Motors & Moving parts (if applicable)
Thermostat Calibration (if applicable)
External Unit Inspection
Basic Condenser Coil Cleaning
Check and Ensure proper refrigerant charges & pressures
…and much more

This basic maintenance plan starts with inspecting and cleaning all components affected by system usage. Next, we tighten all electrical connections throughout the entire system. Making sure your system is clean, dirt and debris free, will allow your air conditioner to function properly. These tasks needs to be performed by a trained professional who regularly handles these types of maintenance service calls.

Change-outs and New System Installation

The most time consuming and expensive repair that can be made to an existing air conditioning and heating system is extending the life of a unit that needs replacement. Most consumers want to avoid this expenditure at almost any cost. The only time it makes sense to incur the expense of putting a new system in, is when the option of fixing the old system doesn’t make financial sense. We here at TemperaturePro of NE Florida are very sensitive to this because if you own a dwelling for any extended period of time, the air conditioning unit will wear out and will need to be replaced. This is one of the most expensive costs associated with owning your own home or office and it’s not something we take lightly. We make sure we have exhausted any potential repair options before we recommend replacement as the best solution.

When air conditioning replacement is the only option left open to restoring your internal climate to a safe a comfortable level, our service manager and service technicians are the best in the business for recommending the right system to fit your budget and specific cooling needs. Affordable, optimized performance from a cooling and heating system designed for your individual space. The one size fits all mentality might not give you the optimum life and features you want from the newest, most technologically advanced units available.

Choosing the Right Air Conditioner and Company to Serve your Needs.

Hundreds of Clay County and Orange Park homeowners will replace their air conditioning units this year. Many will purchase overpriced and undersized units, unless they employ the services of a reputable air conditioning and heating company like TemperaturePro of NE Florida. We know this for a fact because of our years of experience repairing and servicing, improperly sized air conditioners. These installations lead to inefficient cooling, and increased wear and tear on the system, leading to system overload and in many cases ultimate failure, before its time. Just measuring the size of a building and calculating the square footage is not enough critical information to assess what size air conditioning and heating system is required. TemperaturePro of NE Florida prides itself in setting high standard when it comes to new system installations. We do a thorough analysis of the home, before each installation, which includes: home envelope, current insulation, location of the air return and vents, duct work systems and air flow efficiency. We do this so we can determine exactly how much cooling power a given dwelling will need to maintain optimum performance and efficiency. Many times, the current problems that exist in a home or office need to be addressed before a new air conditioning system should be installed. Often our highly trained and experienced technicians can identify the exact reason the existing system failed and can address those issues that contributed to the failure so that the next one installed doesn’t fall victim to the same conditions.

Once we’ve made our findings, we will recommend the properly sized air conditioning system, from our suggested list of manufacturers. We then will provide a written estimate to the client. If everything is satisfactory to the home owner or businessperson, we will immediately get to work installing the proper system, designed for your specific needs. We also have extensive knowledge about the manufacturer’s specifications and understand and comply with all state and local building codes. Our goal is to make sure every air conditioning and heating system we recommend and install meets or exceeds those industry standards. You’ll be the proud owner of a highly efficient cooling and heating system that will give you years of comfort and maintenance free usage.

So, whether you are in need of a repair, a system cleaning, maintenance program or a new replacement system, TemperaturePro of NE Florida is the HVAC company that can solve your heating and cooling problems. Give us a call today to schedule your service call, or receive a free in home estimate for a system replacement. We will provide you with a written estimate on cooling and heating products from the world’s best manufacturers at affordable prices.

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