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Air Conditioning Repair Jacksonville

We provide repairs, tune-ups & replacements for HVAC systems, servicing all makes and models.

Are you in need or air conditioning repair? There’s nothing worse than suffering through a sweltering Florida summer day than with a broken air conditioner. TemperaturePro of NE Florida understands these issues all too well because we are in the business of cooling and heating homes and businesses throughout NE Florida. Our technicians are licensed, insured and fully trained. They are certified to perform a careful analysis of your system. Our goal is to get your Jacksonville air conditioning system up and running as soon as possible, at a fair price. We provide every customer with an honest assessment and carry out all of the necessary system checks, repairing and replacing only what is necessary.

The last thing you want to be faced with is having to replace your old ac unit. In the event replacing a unit is cheaper or a better option than repairing it, we will give you that choice and recommendation. We pride ourselves on how we treat our clients: we arrive at your location on time, hire the best ac technicians, and are ready to explain in detail what we will do before the service is performed. We will inspect all aspects of your system including the thermostat control, air handler, compressor, evaporator coils and condenser. We service all makes and models of HVAC units; Carrier, Lenox, Goodman, Bryant, Trane and MORE. So, whether you are in need of emergency air conditioning repair, basic service / routine maintenance, ac replacement or even a second opinion, TemperaturePro of NEFL is your trusted source.

We offer free, no-obligation estimates and a Total Comfort Agreement second to none. Proudly servicing all of NE Florida providing fast-response air conditioning repairs of homeowners and businesses in all of Duval County, Jacksonville and The Beaches, St Johns County including St Augustine, Nocatee, and Ponte Vedra, Clay County, Orange Park, Fleming Island, and Green Cove Springs, Nassau County, Amelia Island, Fernandina and Yulee. Call us today at 904-292-0636.

Preventing Air Conditioning System Problems

The best way to prevent problems with your air conditioning system is to have a regularly scheduled annual maintenance appointment before a problem develops. Changing filters on a regular basis will reduce wear and keep air flow to its recommended level. An inspection of the duct work, cleaning and air flow evaluation can sometimes detect a system problem that could be over taxing the existing system.

Florida’s heat is brutal on air conditioning systems and those homeowners living close to the water face additional corrosion challenges. So, when your AC system isn’t working as it should, make sure to call in an experienced technician equipped with the tools and knowledge to help keep your home or business cool and comfortable during the long, hot summer months.

Common Air Conditioner Problems

Your Jacksonville air conditioner is something you need working properly living in a subtropical climate. However there are bound to be mechanical issues that arise due to its frequent use and exposure to harsh elements. Below are some of the more common issues that we come across on a daily basis.

Blower problems. Located in the air handler, the blower pushes filtered, conditioned air through the supply ducts to your living space. If properly working it will pull an equal amount of indoor air back through the return ducts to be reconditioned. Common problems in this area include an out-of-balanced fan, a bad blower motor, or sometimes a faulty drive belt (for commercial units etc).

Leaky ductwork. This problem doesn’t always cause a system failure, but it can diminish the efficiency of an air conditioning system by as much as 40%, by reducing the volume of cool air reaching all areas of your living space. An inspection of your ductwork system should be part of your annual maintenance to determine if a seal is broken or the ductwork insulation has deteriorated and needs repair to improve system performance. Also clogged air vents might need to be cleaned, repaired or even replaced.

Dirty coils. A central Air Conditioning system or Mini-Split Air Conditioner will have two separate coils. One, an evaporator coil in the air handler itself and a condensing coil in the system’s outdoor unit. Over time, these coils can have an accumulation of dust, dirt and debris that can diminish the systems efficiency by as much as 30%. TemperaturePro’s professional coil cleaning service will solve this problem.

Burned-out compressor motor. The compressor motor is located in the outdoor unit of your AC system. Many times, a homeowner will hear just a hum, without the cooling fan on, or the motor starts to sound loud or different when it’s operating, sometimes causing a unit vibration. The Compressor motor’s life can be shortened when other parts of the system aren’t properly maintained.

Blocked condensate drain. Your Air Conditioning System doesn’t just cool the air, it also removes humidity that builds up in the air handler. When airborne moisture condenses in the air handler, the resulting water should drain outside or to an interior drain line. If this condensation drain becomes blocked, water could start collecting below the air handling unit, thus resulting in water damage. In some cases, the condensate drain blockage may trigger an overflow switch that automatically shuts off the system. Cleaning the condensate drain should be a part of your system’s regular service.

Leaking refrigerant. The refrigerant in an air conditioning system is supposed to circulate in a sealed system. If that system is compromised, the result is a leaking which causes the air that is flowing through the vents to not cool. If your AC system is low on refrigerant, a leak has occurred and a repair to the system is always better and cheaper than to keep adding refrigerant.

Dirty, Worn Filters. One of the most important, routine maintenance procedures, that should take place according to the manufactures specifications, is the changing out of the air filter in the air handler. Not properly maintaining a clean filter can cause severe problems within the air handler itself.

Northeast Florida’s Premier Air Conditioning Company

Choosing the right HVAC Company to maintain, inspect, repair and replace air conditioning and heating units, should be based on that company’s experience, posted reviews, authorized sales and service and qualifications. TemperaturePro has a proven track record of providing honest, dependable service from an experienced team of licensed and certified technicians. We perform all repairs on your air conditioning system according to the manufacturers specifications. Routine maintenance will help to lengthen the life of your air-conditioning system, saving you discomfort, time and money. Whether you are in need of an emergency appointment or need to schedule routine maintenance, give us a call at 904-292-0636.

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